Healthy Smiles! Healthy Minds!!


Community Dentistry on Wheels, Inc. (CDOW, Inc) is a mobile dental entity committed to providing comprehensive dental care to the diverse members of the underserved and underrepresented communities. In an attempt to promote the importance of oral health through education and prevention, CDOW, Inc makes access to dental care possible. The mobile dental van is a “dental office on wheels” that allows for patient education, screenings for oral diseases, and dental treatments.


Dentistry On Wheels, LLC (DOW, LLC) is the exporter of the customized mobile medical centers. The mobile vans can be used for medical, pharmaceutical and dental care. These vans are capable of providing comprehensive healthcare to the diverse members of the community in any country, locally, and globally.

The mobile medical centers are “healthcare offices on wheels”. Medical care: screenings, examinations immunizations; Dental care: screenings, dental examinations, cleanings, cavity fillings radiographs (x-rays); Pharmaceutical care: on-site delivery of medications can all be performed on these units.

Our builders build standard and customized interiors suited for your use. All the coaches have custom built tubular steel frame floor the chassis for a solid foundation. Diesel engine and generators are available upon request.


Our mission is to bring a dental facility to the location and perform procedures that are normally done in a dental office visit. This will promote comprehensive access to dental care to the community especially the children and seniors. Our goal is to help detect and treat the oral problems at the early stages. This will not only improve the oral health of the children and seniors “Healthy Smiles! Healthy Minds!!” but also boost their self esteem. 
CDOW, Inc in addition to its Health Fair Program has a Community Outreach Donations Program.


Community Outreach Coalition, Inc. (COC, Inc.) has a “Helping Hands Initiative Program” that donates items to those in need. Donations of the non-dental products such as books, clothes, furniture, toys are compliments of our sponsors and are intended for the well-being of the citizens in the community.

 A generous donation would be greatly appreciated upon the completion of the outreach program.

Commissioner (Dr.) Anu Esuola, DDS.                                          Founder & President


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